TM Podcast 079: Jeston Porter Visits The Shred Shed/Patreon Teaser


Exciting stuff here! My good friend Mr. Jeston Porter stopped by the Shred Shed to have a chat and to help announce the new Tone Mob Patreon Episodes! Thats right, MOAR CONTENT. Just go to for more info.   Listen on  iTunes Listen on  Soundcloud Listen on  Stitcher

TM Podcast 058: A Car Ride With Jeston Porter!


This episode is sponsored by Sinasoid and SolidGoldFX! Two of my very favorite companies in the business. Check out their fine wares at those links. This episode features a nice long road trip with my bandmate, fellow tone nerd, and one of my best friends, Jeston Porter. We talk gear, our musical beginnings, guitar straps, System Of A Down, my …

TM Podcast 054: Robert Keeley Visits The Tone Cave


Today’s episode is sponsored by Sinasoid and The Sound Parcel! Go check those guys out and tell them “Hi” for me! Mr. Keeley stopped by for a rare in person episode! We talk about the water in Portland and Oklahoma causing gear companies to be born, guitars, top secret stuff, and just generally giggle like little girls. Listen on iTunes …

TM Podcast 052: Jay Leonard J and Blake Talk NAMM

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This episode is brought to by Sinasoid. Hit them up for any of your custom cable needs. They will fix you up nice! It is also brought to you by the Alexander Pedals Ski Fi reverb and delay. If you want a killer pristine delay with infinite sustain abilities, this is for you. Check this thing out! Better late than …

TM Podcast John Snyder of Creation Music Co. (Reprise)


Episode 49 This episode is sponsored by 3rd Power Amps! Definitely check out the Citizen Gain CSR. That amp is an absolute beast, and you need to feast your ears on the whisper quite demo! John Snyder returns! We talk about the insane thing that is 2016, the new amps, pedalboards, and of course pizza. Because pizza rules. Check out …

TM Podcast 046: Andrew Jackson of Stohn Guitars (Reprise)


This episode is sponsored by Stringjoy! Make sure and head over there and get your custom set made up so you can shred faces like never before. Andrew Jackson returns to the podcast to talk about all the changes in his company (formerly Stone Picks), my number one guitar pick, putting a tuxedo on your pedalboard, and a question that …

TM Podcast 044: Greg Djerrahian of SolidGoldFx


This episode is brought to you by Stringjoy! Check out their site to get yourself a set of hand wound, custom gauge strings for your guitar. Trust me, you’ll dig them! Greg and I discuss the history of SolidGoldFx, what his build process looks like, new products in the pipeline, and his sweet vintage guitar collection. It is a good …

TM Podcast 042: Joel Korte of Chase Bliss Audio


This episode is sponsored by Sinasoid! You owe it to yourself to scope these guys out. Their new cable builder is now live. Build yourself exactly what you need at Today I talk with Joel about a secret project, the history behind Chase Bliss Audio, guitar pedals, and of course pizza. Make sure and check out Joel’s pedals at …

TM Podcast 041: Mark Packham of Guitar Nerds


This episode is brought to you by the amazing dudes over at Sinasoid! They are giving away a free patch cable every Friday. Make sure you are in the running! Head over HERE to sign up! Yup! Another guitar podcast featuring another guitar podcaster. Whoa. Weird! I sat down with Mark to talk about the predicament they have with trains, …

TM Podcast 038: Joe Vella of Electrofaustus


On this episode of the podcast, I talk with Joe about guitars, sicilian pizza, the difference between circuit benders and engineers, and noise devices. Make sure you check out Joe’s gear at Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher