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If you enjoy the Podcast, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Group or any of the other Tone Mobbery on the Internet…. Here are a few ways you can keep some wind in the sails of this pirate ship if you at all have the ability.

  1. You can go to and for just $5 a month, you’ll get extra episodes beamed directly to your ears. This really helps out immensely, so thank you for even considering it.
  2. If you are needing any new gear from Sweetwater, is the place to go for that. That link will bring up a page with some gear that I recommend, but you do not have to buy that particular piece of gear for it to count. Any shopping you do through that link will shave off a small piece and kick it my way.
  3. We’ve got a similar deal with Reverb! If you are planning on doing any shopping on Reverb, you can go to for any of your shopping needs. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and a small portion of every dollar you spend will come back and help support the show. If you are new to Reverb, simply signing up for a new account using that link kicks me a couple bucks as well. ( and is free for you) Edit: If you are a user of the Reverb app, some folks add everything to their cart and do their final checkout through the link to complete the process and still show their support.
  4. Need Guitar or Bass strings? Look no further than the fine folks at Stringjoy! I work very closely with the folks over there to try to provide the best stuff in the industry, in the absolute best way we possibly can. If you go to for your purchases, that’ll let them know I sent you.
  5. Thinking about releasing music? The folks at DistroKid are offering 7% off of their annual subscription to Tone Mob listeners. That is a super affordable, and convenient way to get your music on all of the major streaming platforms. Just hit up and that discount will be automatically applied. (Like everything on this page, it also helps me out as well!)
  6. Shop with our show’s sponsors and guests. If you heard about a particular company or product via anything Tone Mob, please let them know! It can be very difficult at times for companies to be able o determine where to spend their advertising dollars, and if you let them know I sent you, they might just keep supporting the show as well.
  7. Tell a friend, family member, bandmate, guitar store clerk….. Anyone you might think of about the podcast. Seriously, this helps so much. Those downloads are so, so ,so important and every listen means the world. Please share it if you get anything out of it at all.

Thank you all for the support over all these years, it means so much.