What is The Tone Mob?

This is a slightly difficult question to answer. The short version would be that the Tone Mob is a website, podcast, and social media presence dedicated to the never ending pursuit of the ultimate guitar tone.

The long version……Well, lets see if I can sort this out.

The Tone Mob was started by me, Blake Wyland, on March 19, 2015. I posted a picture of my vintage Ampeg J-12 on Instagram, and somebody liked it. Since this was my first ever foray into social media of any kind, I was shocked that a stranger would take even a passing interest in something I created.

So, I posted more. And liked pictures. And left comments. Before I knew it, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the interaction, and community. There is nothing cooler than geeking out with fellow geeks about our shared love of good tone, and great gear.

Eventually, I found myself revisiting an old idea. I had toyed with the thought of starting a podcast in the past, but quickly abandoned it. Who would want to listen to me ramble on about gear?

Then, a little voice in my head said, ” Hey Dingus. There are already thousands of people rambling about gear with you on Instagram.” So, I decided to pull the trigger, and wow, am I glad I did.

The response has been amazing. I’ve met so many ridiculously cool people, and had so many excellent conversations. Both with the guests on the show, and listeners from all across the world. Thank you to each and every one of you who tune in and check out all the happenings.

So what is The Tone Mob? I guess the best answer is, it’s all of us.

We are a community who thrives on the never ending chase. The life long need to recreate the sounds in our heads.

There are thousands of us. And we know there is beauty and soul in wood and tubes. Magic hiding in transistors and processors. And we are all going to unlock it.