TM Podcast John Snyder of Creation Music Co. (Reprise)


Episode 49 This episode is sponsored by 3rd Power Amps! Definitely check out the Citizen Gain CSR. That amp is an absolute beast, and you need to feast your ears on the whisper quite demo! John Snyder returns! We talk about the insane thing that is 2016, the new amps, pedalboards, and of course pizza. Because pizza rules. Check out …

TM Podcast 005: John Snyder of Creation Music Company

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On todays episode, I sit down with John Snyder of Creation Music Company. We talk pedalboards (obviously), reverb pedals, and how he went from blowing a horn, to rocking a six string. Enjoy it folks! Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher T-Shirt Preorder Referenced in this episode: The Old Blood Noise Reflector is a chorus. Should have remembered that!