TM Podcast 002: Chris Benson of Benson Amps

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Today, We are at the home of Chris Benson of Benson Amps. We head up to a nice hot attic and discuss plate reverbs, Tim and Eric, and why sometimes 15 watts is not 15 watts. Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher T-Shirt Preorder Referenced in this Episode:        Switches Video    Touch Sensitivity Video  

TM Podcast 001: Ryan McCaffrey of McCaffrey Audio

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In the first episode of the Podcast, we talk with Ryan McCaffrery about everything from Hulk Hogan, to vintage Gibsons, to eating oreos at two in the morning. We guitar players are nuts………. Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher T-Shirt Preorder Note: The extra entries period is over. Contest has officially started. Referenced in this episode: The mystery speaker …

The Venerable Tube Screamer

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Todays guest post comes to you from John Sagers. John is a professor of history who happens to have a passion for guitars, effects, and cranked amps. The Ibanez Tube Screamer is a true classic in the realm of effects pedals and many revered boutique pedals have a Tube Screamer in their family trees. Originally designed to emulate the sound of …

All In The Fingers?

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Some wise guy always brings up this whenever a gear discussion comes up. “The tone is all in the fingers man! Forget about all that gear.” In some regards, “that guy” is right. You could scour the earth and acquire every single piece of gear down to the vintage correct pick guard screws in your Strat, and you will NOT …

Mr. Black Announces a Wild New Pedal

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After teasing us with mysterious pics and hints for the last few weeks, Mr. Black Pedals has formally announced the Shepards End Infinite Flanger. According to Mr. Black, this is the first time this effect has ever been produced. By anyone. Ever   But what is an Infinite Flanger? I’m not even going to try to explain. Mr. Black lays …

Boss Metal Zone Revival

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Alright. I fully understand the situation. In your younger gear purchasing years you somehow acquired a Boss Metal Zone. Yes, it truly is one of the worst sounding pedals of all time, but Boss still manages to sell them by the bucket load to budding, young axe slingers. They just don’t know any better yet… 😉 Well, don’t chuck that …

Play Music On The Porch Day

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There is something truly special about playing music outside. One of the coolest things in life is it to kick back with an acoustic guitar, and sing songs with your friends. There’s a camaraderie there unlike many other experiences. A bond is formed and memory is created. Oftentimes, it’s not until years later that you realize how special those moments …

Picking Your Tone

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We have all done it. Obsessing endlessly over what guitars, pedals and amps make up our signal chain. Debating constantly over the tonal differences between a TS808 vs a TS9. Tungsol vs JJ tubes. The list is goes on. There’s no doubt that all of these things are important, but one crucial piece of gear is consistently over looked. In …

“Tone Guy”

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I had a very interesting conversation yesterday. A concept was introduced to me that I’ve never noticed, even though it was right in front of my face. Really got my brain going, and I wondered if anyone else has had such an encounter. I’ll cut to the chase. I was taking a long stroll, thinking about cool gear, as per …