TM Podcast 034: Ryan McCay Of Yellowcake Pedals (Reprise)


This episode is sponsored by Echopark Guitars. Those dudes are doing some really cool stuff! Check out the guitar and amps at and the pedals at I talk with Ryan about Coffee and Riffs, Your Mom, fuzz pedals, and Ryan busts out his best Christopher Walkin. Also, at the end of this episode, there is a pretty sweet …

TM Podcast 030: Hank Donovan of Rattlesnake Cables


Hank has his fingers in several pots in the gear community. I talk with him about,, and of course He also has a very interesting guitar rig, and a unique take on gain staging. Check it out! Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on Soundcloud

TM Podcast 025: Andrew Jackson of Stone Picks


Do you want to hear about weird teenagers playing dive bar shows? Left handed guitarist problems? Easy ways to change your tone? A wild new tuning developed by Andrew himself? Here is your episode then! Support the show: Check out Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher  

TM Podcast 021: Justin Holub of Agave Audio

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Today I talk with Justin about Rickenbacker necks, transitioning from building amps to pedals, NAMM prep and so much more! Check out Agave Audio HERE. Support the show: Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on Soundcloud