TM Podcast 065: NYC Episode 1

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The Tone Mob Podcast
The Tone Mob Podcast
TM Podcast 065: NYC Episode 1

This episode is brought to you by Sinasoid, These guys are the best dudes in the business and they stand behind their products 100%. Check them out and make sure rig is the happiest it can possibly be. You’ll thank me later.

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On this condensed episode I record in the Big Apple! I got to stop by the legendary NYC guitar store Carmine Street guitars for a chat with owner/luthier Rick Kelly about his process, and his reasoning behind using repurposed 200 year old pine in his guitars.

I also head over to the Fear The Riff Expo to chat with Seth of Night Owl Industries about his unique approach to the guitar amp game, metal working and a Jeep Compass.

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