TM Podcast 072: Andy Martin of Visits The Shred Shed


This is quite a special episode. Andy from stopped by the Shred Shed to hang out and talk gear. So we decided to throw a mic up and see what we came up with. What did we ramble about? Only one way to find out! This podcast is brought to you by the fantastic folks over at  Sinasoid! Check …

TM Podcast 069: Drew Walsh of Walsh Guitars


This episode is brought to by the wonderful folks at Sinasoid Cables and Fuzzrocious Pedals. If you aren’t familiar then please do get familiar. You are doing yourself a disservice. Click them links and treat yourself! On this episode, Drew and I talk about punk rock, people who can’t hang up shower curtains, partscasters, music, NOFX, and so so much …

TM Podcast 068: Tavo Vega of The Nocturne Brain


On this wonderful episode, Tavo from The Nocturne Brain and I discuss everything under the sun. Including his wife’s pizza, guitar pedals, vintage guitars, tube amps, Brian Setzer, hollowbody guitars, and I don’t even remember what else. Enjoy!!! You want to thank ( or blame) somebody for this audio presentation? Fuzzrocious Pedals would be the culprit, because they are a …

TM Podcast 067: 2018!!!! With Jay Leonard J


It’s 2018 and we are kicking things off with a bang! Jay Leonard J returns to discuss food, kids, pedals, gear, and how delicious club owned SM58s smell! It’s a real, and true delight, and we have some important announcements! Check it out and revel in the nonsense! Also, please do take a minute to visit our wonderful sponsors Sinasoid …

TM Podcast 066: NYC Episode 2


This episode is sponsored by the wonderful, wonderful folks at Sinasoid! If you have not checked out these dudes for your cable needs yet then…… well…. I shudder to think what other life choices you’ve made. Like pineapple on pizza. We are also brought to you by Adventure Audio! And if you want to know what sort of stuff Christain …

TM Podcast 064: Christian Terjesen of Adventure Audio Reprise


This episode is sponsored by The Fear The Riff Expo! This event is happening in Brooklyn, NYC and is looking like its going to be a ton of fun! Check it out at We are also sponsored by the ever awesome gents over at Sinasoid. If you have not checked them out yet, please do so. They are making …

TM Podcast 062: Cole Duke of The Gear Slum Podcast

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This episode is sponsored by the wonderful folks over at Sinasoid. They are the bringers of fine cables, and fine times! Make sure you check them out and show some love! We are also sponsored by Keeley Electronics! Specifically the new Compressor Plus, which has become my new “always on” pedal of choice, and I’m not even a compressor guy! …

TM Podcast 060: Evan Delany of Fryette Amplification


This podcast is sponsored by Keeley Electronics and Sinasoid Cables. Make sure and check them out! Today I sit down with Evan Delany to talk about his roll at Fryette, the new Sound City Amps, guitars, pedals, the weather, and a whole bunch of nonsense. Oh, and characters. He does characters. Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher

TM Podcast 059: John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments


This episode is sponsored by two of my favorite companies. SolidGoldFx and Sinasoid! Make sure and show them some love and tell them I sent you! This is a first! This is the third time that John Snyder has been on the podcast, but its the second person named John Snyder to appear on the podcast. Whoooooaaaaaa. Listen in to …