TM Podcast 063: James Granuso of main.ace.fx


This episode is sponsored by Mammoth Electronics. They’ve just revamped all their existing pedal kits in a huge way. It’s never been a better time to dip your toes in the DIY water. Check it out at We are also brought to you by the wonderful dudes over at Sinasoid! If you aren’t Soiding by now, I don’t even …

TM Podcast 062: Cole Duke of The Gear Slum Podcast

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This episode is sponsored by the wonderful folks over at Sinasoid. They are the bringers of fine cables, and fine times! Make sure you check them out and show some love! We are also sponsored by Keeley Electronics! Specifically the new Compressor Plus, which has become my new “always on” pedal of choice, and I’m not even a compressor guy! …

TM Podcast 060: Evan Delany of Fryette Amplification


This podcast is sponsored by Keeley Electronics and Sinasoid Cables. Make sure and check them out! Today I sit down with Evan Delany to talk about his roll at Fryette, the new Sound City Amps, guitars, pedals, the weather, and a whole bunch of nonsense. Oh, and characters. He does characters. Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher

TM Podcast 059: John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments


This episode is sponsored by two of my favorite companies. SolidGoldFx and Sinasoid! Make sure and show them some love and tell them I sent you! This is a first! This is the third time that John Snyder has been on the podcast, but its the second person named John Snyder to appear on the podcast. Whoooooaaaaaa. Listen in to …

TM Podcast 057: Brian Bicknell of Spruce Effects


This episode is sponsored by The Sound Parcel. If you want to rent some wicked and uncommon music gear, the Sound Parcel is the place to go. Enter code TONEMOB to save yourself a few bucks, and try some crazy stuff out! This episode is also sponsored by the wonderful gents over at Sinasoid! These are the guys to go …

TM Podcast 056: Matt Knight of Guitar Nerds


This episode is sponsored by The Sound Parcel and Sinasoid. Great people, doing awesome stuff! Hit the links and check them out! On this episode, I sit down with Matt and talk about a whole bunch of stuff! Including, but not limited to his podcast, guitar pedals, guitar pedals, UK cinema, guitar pedals, his day job at BOSS, and crazy internet rumors. …

TM Podcast 055: Matt Eich of Mule Resonator Guitars


This episode is sponsored by SolidGoldFX and Sinasoid. Great people, and great products on both counts. Hit them up and treat your ears. Today, I sit down with Matt from Mule Resonator Guitars. He educates me on wood vs steel, touches on his metalhead roots, and we learn why a guitar made of metal sounds the way it does. Also, …

TM Podcast 053: Coe Schneider of One Day Events


This episode is sponsored by Sinasoid and SolidGoldFx! Make sure and check them out, and let them know I sent ya! Coe Schneider came on to discuss his One Day Travelling Guitar Show! We talk about his plans to get more boutique gear in the hands of more players so they can “try before they buy”. Of course we don’t …

TM Podcast 051: Michael Adams Interviews Blake


We have two sponsors this week! This episode is brought to you by Disaster Area Designs! If you want to have more control over your board than ever before, definitely check their stuff out! It is also brought to you by the wonderful folks at Sinasoid. Good people, excellent cables, and 100 year warranty. What more could you ask for? …

TM Podcast John Snyder of Creation Music Co. (Reprise)


Episode 49 This episode is sponsored by 3rd Power Amps! Definitely check out the Citizen Gain CSR. That amp is an absolute beast, and you need to feast your ears on the whisper quite demo! John Snyder returns! We talk about the insane thing that is 2016, the new amps, pedalboards, and of course pizza. Because pizza rules. Check out …