TM Podcast 092: Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitars


ACOUSTIC GUITARS?????!!!! What is this podcast coming to??? In all seriousness, Richard was an absolute delight to chat with and he really provided me with a great education on how an acoustic functions, and what we are actually hearing. You’ll dig it. Check out Richard’s work at Make sure and check out our wonderful sponsors Gunstreet Wiring Shop and Sinasoid. These people …

TM Podcast 091: Matt and Carl of Electrofoods Pedals


Buckle up! We go off the deep end with this episode, in al the best ways. We talk about using guitars in weird tunings, playing through bass cabs, approaching songwriting through poetry, and so much more! You’ll definitely want to check this out. These dudes are fantastic to talk to! Check their website (coming soon)  Make sure and check …

TM Podcast 087: Matthew Hoopes of 1981 Inventions and Relient K


This is a fun one! I talked with Matt about his musical roots and how Relient K started. We also discussed the rather sudden way they got signed to Capitol Records, the development of the DRV, his theory on selling guitars and more! Good stuff here. Make sure and check out his stuff at Also, make sure you check …

TM Podcast 086: Brian Fallon and Ian Perkins of The Gaslight Anthem


Very, very, very excited about this episode!!! On this one, my wife and I got to sit down with some folks that we are big, big fans of and just shoot the breeze about music. As mentioned on the episode, I’ve been a big fan of Brian’s work for years now, so this was a real treat for me. I …

TM Podcast 085: David Rainger of Rainger FX


I’ve been waiting a long time for this!! Finally got to sit down and chat with David Rainger about a whole giant list of things. He is a very cool dude, with a voice that I could listen to for hours. I don’t know what it is, but it is awesome. Check out his work at If you’re guitar …

TM Podcast 084: Sean Arbow of Gunstreet Wiring Shop


Sean made the trek up from Bend, OR to sit down in the Shred Shed. We discuss a whole range of things from how he thinks about his products, his views on the guitar community, Les Pauls, and a whole lot more. It is a good one. You can check out his work at They also sponsored the episode, …

TM Podcast 081: Ryan Ratajski of Fuzzrocious Pedals Part Deux


Its been a longggg time. One of my favorite people Mr. Ryan Ratajski from Fuzzrocious returns and we talk politics, trolls, guitar pedals, mussels. And a new project. Yup!!! Check it out! Make sure and check out our sponsors Gun Street Wiring Shop and Sinasoid! They make great stuff and keep the lights on around here! If you are interested …

TM Podcast 080: Joe Branton of Guitar Nerds and Polymath


This is a real treat. Joe and I talk about the hazards of a gear nerd working in guitar retail, the history of the podcast, math rock, vibrato, phaser and much more! Make sure you check out the Guitar Nerds and his band Polymath. Make sure you check out this week’s sponsors Sinasoid and Gunstreet Wiring Shop. They have those …

TM Podcast 079: Jeston Porter Visits The Shred Shed/Patreon Teaser


Exciting stuff here! My good friend Mr. Jeston Porter stopped by the Shred Shed to have a chat and to help announce the new Tone Mob Patreon Episodes! Thats right, MOAR CONTENT. Just go to for more info.   Listen on  iTunes Listen on  Soundcloud Listen on  Stitcher

TM Podcast 078: Kevin Equitz of Equitz Guitars

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Been looking forward to this one for a long time! Kevin Equitz is an epic luthier, stellar human being and a legit national treasure of a human being. Check it out! This episode is sponsored by the almighty, and wonderful Sinasoid!! If you need the absolute smallest soldered patch cable you can get, look no further than the Sliver! Its …