TM Podcast 025: Andrew Jackson of Stone Picks


Do you want to hear about weird teenagers playing dive bar shows? Left handed guitarist problems? Easy ways to change your tone? A wild new tuning developed by Andrew himself? Here is your episode then! Support the show: Check out Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher  

TM Podcast 024: Daniel Tyack of Salvage Custom

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Another NAMMisode! Today, I sit down with Daniel Tyack (with Ryan Burke of 60 Cycle Hum sitting in and cracking wise). We talk in depth hard hitting subjects like speedos, spray tans, pedalboards, and non buttered toast. Support the show: Make sure and scope out Daniel’s work at Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on …

Facts About Instrument Cables That You Need To Know

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Recently, a certain instrument cable made it’s rounds on social media. This 10ft. cable was labeled as the finest, and best quality cable on the market. It promised all sorts of audible sound quality improvements. This type of marketing is certainly nothing new to anyone in the music industry. However it wasn’t just the promotional language that had everyone talking. …

TM Podcast 023: Guitar Podcaster’s Summit- Lance Seymour Of Gear Talk And Ryan Burke Of 60 Cycle Hum

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At NAAM I sat down with Lance Seymour of Gear Talk and Ryan Burke of 60 Cycle Hum. We chatted about the People of NAMM, how we feel like frauds, podcasting, and the gear industry. Good times! This episode is sponsored by Rattlesnake Cables. Hand made, great looking and great performing cables from Missoula, Montana! Check them out at …

TM Podcast 022: Doug Kauer of Kauer Guitars


Today, I talk to Doug about fake chinese knock offs, “Kaver” guitars, Gibson lawsuits, CNC problems, and why our children won’t listen. Support the show: Check out Doug’s Guitars HERE. Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher

TM Podcast 020: Scott Marquart of Stringjoy Custom Strings


This episode is is sponsored by Rattlesnake Cables! These are very high quality custom guitar cables. Handmade in Missoula, Montana by a stellar dude! Head on over to and get yourself a set! On this episode, I talk to Scott Marquart about the two types of guitar players, the Zvex Fuzz Factory, balancing out string gauges, and a brief …

TM Podcast 019: Tom Kogut of Tomkat Pedals

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Today on the Tone Mob Podcast, I sit down with Tom Kogut to talk about complex art installations, dirty reverb, cats, food, and drummers who build guitar pedals. Check out      Braund Studios Support the show: Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on Soundcloud