When is Bad Tone the Right Tone?

Blake Tone Talk

There is nothing quite like a good tone day, is there? You hit just the right notes and they bloom in just the right way. Everything is full, rich, and just plain gorgeous. It truly is one of the most inspiring feelings that I know of. But sometimes, my friends, that sound is exactly what you DO NOT want. That …

TM Podcast 013: Ryan Burke of The 60 Cycle Hum Podcast


Today on the Tone Mob Podcast, I sit down with Ryan Burke to talk about lady gear heads, conjoined twins, pedals, and old timey freak shows. Check out 60 Cycle Hum on iTunes and Youtube Other cool stuff: Tone Mob Associates Tonemob.com/store Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on Soundcloud Thanks for listening and don’t forget to leave a …

TM Podcast 012: Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals

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Today on the Tone Mob Podcast, I sit down with Brian Wampler to talk country music, breaking acoustic guitars, and certain physical exams that happen when you reach 40. Tone Mob Store Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on Soundcloud WamplerPedals.com Hairstortion How to Video

If You Have To Ask…

Blake Rant, Tone Talk

This whole Tone Mob project has been a seriously wild ride! I’ve been so fortunate to meet all these awesome new people, and listen to stories from all these incredible builders. There is one story however, that is really sticking in my craw, so to speak. A story I keep hearing over and over and over again from nearly EVERY …

TM Podcast 009: Brian Hamilton of smallsound/bigsound

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On this episode of the Tone Mob Podcast, I sit down with Brian Hamilton of smallsound/bigsound to talk about gremlins, pianos, vegetables, and the Disintegration Loops. Check it out! Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher Check out Brian’s Pedals at smallsoundbigsound.com

TM Podcast 008: Ryan McCay of Yellowcake Pedals

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On today’s episode of the Tone Mob Podcast, I talk to Ryan McCay of Yellowcake Pedals. Tune in to hear us talk about heavy strings, pedal addiction, my hatred of pop country music, and being mentally water boarded. Check out Ryan’s Pedals at yellowcakepedals.com

TM Podcast 007: Paul Rhoney of Rhoney Guitars


Today we are talking to Paul Rhoney of Rhoney Guitars and The Luthierist Podcast. We talk sanding, the importance of being genuine, benadryl, and Bond villains. Also… We have merch! Kind of. There is a T-Shirt Presale going now! Check it out! T-Shirt Preorder Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Rhoneyguitars.com Luthierist Podcast

Lunastone Wise Guy Overdrive

Blake News, Tone Talk

I recently had a rather unique opportunity laid out in front of me. I was contacted by the U.S. rep for a Danish pedal company called Lunastone. He asked if I would be interested in trying a new overdrive that was not officially available in the States yet. Given the depths of my gear addiction, it was somewhat similar to …